iSTAN Stage Art Specialists

The iSTAN stage art specialists covers the major areas of the stage art design. They are:


Apostolos Apostolides is a theatre director, actor, theatre researcher, theatre educator, actor trainer, and dramaturgy. He is an Executive Council member of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), and was elected the president of the Theatre Education & Training Committee of ITI, at the 2011 congress in Xiamen. At present he focuses on training professional actors, trainers, directors, drama students and giving lectures, seminars, and workshops to theatre companies, drama schools and universities all over the world.

BIAN Wentong

The professor and master tutor of the Stage Design Department of the Central Academy of Drama.
Deputy Minister of the Division of Asia Theatre Education Centre.
She has been engaged in teaching after graduating from the Stage Design Department of the Central Academy of Drama with a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Then she went to Yale School of Drama as a senior visiting scholar for one year in 2006.
She is an excellent stage designer and has been heavily active in contemporary Chinese theatre. She has won many major awards, including the Chinese government’s highest award of drama, the Wen Hua Stage Art Award, twice. She has designed hundreds of stage art works, and also been involved in multiple TV productions and all kinds of opening ceremonies.
The styles of her design are varied, and include Drama, Ballet, Musicals, Kunqu opera, Beijing opera, Sichuan opera, Henan opera, Ping Ju, Shaoxing Opera, Henan bangzi, Huai opera, Huaihai play, Opera derived from ballad singing, Xi Ju, Mu Ju, Dian Ju, Lu Ju, Min JU, Lantern, Hunchu Opera, Yue Ju Opera and others.


Originally starting out as a musician, and then as a roadie, Nicolas Bouffin eventually became a tour manager in 2001, and, to this day, he has worked with famous French singers and groups, including Tryo, Benabar, Zaz, Madjo, and Pierpoljak. Since 2004 he has undertaken a wide variety of training courses in technical direction, coordination, and security for events. Throughout this same period he has gained considerable experience working as a technical/stage manager at prestigious international events such as the World Fair Expo 2005 in Nagoya, Japan; the Revolution Anniversary in Libya, 2006; and the Closing Ceremony of the Pan-African Games in Congo, 2015. He currently works for a number of events production companies in France, including ‘Disneyland Paris’, ‘Parc de la Villette’, and ‘Lagardère Entertainment’.

Stefano DI BUDUO

Stefano Di Buduo was born in Rome in 1985. He studied ‘Arts and Sciences of the Digital Performance’ at the La Sapienza University in Rome from 2005-2009. In 2008 he founded the film company Aesop Studio, which specialises in multimedia, movie, and video art. The video artists and photographers of Aesop Studio work for international theatres and film productions, producing documentary films and trailers and organizing multimedia festivals and workshops. Their artistic activities have already led them to Denmark, Brazil and Argentina. Among other projects, in 2008, they worked as multimedia artists within an urban space project of the Teatro Potlatch at the State Theatre in Karlsruhe (Germany) as part of the “Europe Days” exhibition, with the theme “Rome”. In 2011 Stefano Di Buduo designed the videography for the Metamorphoses of Ovid, by Nils Gredeby, at the theatre of Ingolstadt (Germany), and in 2012 he made videos for the play Heim.Spiel.Essen at the Schauspiel Essen (Germany).


GONG Yuan, associate professor of National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. Master of Chinese National Academy of Arts. Member of China Institute of Stage Design. Gong Yuan is a special advisor in Image Design Major of Cultural and Artistic Talent Center of Ministry of Culture. She won the Wen Hua Prize of Stage design in 2014. She participated in the makeup design of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening and closing ceremony. Her works include drama Stage, Kun Opera Shadow Meian Recalls, Shangdong Clapper Opera Two Wolf Hill, Ancient City Woman, Cantonese Opera Ratnavali, Shanxi Opera Apsara, Beijing Opera the Red Shoes, Shanxi Opera Li ShiSan, Drama Life like Summer Flower, Loved, Yueju Opera Catch Fish, Yu Opera Miss Julie and Chinese Opera-Musical Twelfth Night. Her Shangdong Clapper Opera Two Wolf Hill and Ancient City Woman, her drama Life like Summer Flower won the Outstanding Drama award of the 10th China Art Festival and the 14th Wenhua Award. The Mist was the Excellent Repertoire of 4th Beijing College Students Drama Festival. She Taijun won the New Theater Grand Award of Zhejiang Province 12th Drama Festival.


Born in 1961, GUO Bin graduated from the Stage Art class of Beijing People’s Art Theatre in 1986, and worked in the Stage Art Department in the theatre after graduation. He then went on to Study directing at the Central Academy of Drama graduating in 1999.
Guo Bin once worked as the decorator and art director for the TV series The Dream of Red Mansion, The Northwestern War, Ordinary World and others which were shot by the Central Television Production Centre. He also directed the dramas The Awakening of Beibei and We are Classmates. He also served as a theatrical producer.
He once worked as the manager of the Beijing People’s Art Experimental Theatre and as the deputy director of the Beijing People’s Art Performance Center. Now he is the president of the Stage Art Department in the Beijing People’s Art Theatre and the chairman of the Beijing Stage Art Institute.

HAN Chunqi

HAN Chunqi graduated from the Stage Art Department of CAD in 1977. In 1980, he studied with the famous Chinese painter Yang Taiyang. Han is the Professor, Research Supervisor, and First Grade Stage Art Designer at the Beijing Dance Academy. He has been awarded the Advanced Individual of Beijing Olympic Games prize, the Prominent Teacher of Beijing award, and the May First Labour Medal. Mr. Han has created lots of productions including the ballet: A Dream of Dunhuang, Opera: Farewell to My Concubine, Music Theatre: Butterfly, etc. He wrote and directed the drama: Wen An Yi, and the show: Performance of Fire•Wild Three Hillsides, etc.

HAN Dong

HAN Dong was born in 1979, and graduated from the stage lighting department of The Central Academy of Drama, from which he has gone on to attain a master’s degree. Now he is teaching stage lighting at the Communication University of China. Han Dong devotes himself to researching the area of stage lighting. His main works are: Drama: Rhinoceros, Cherry Orchard, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Imperial Envoy, Porcupine’s Distance, Two People's French Dinner, To Be Continued, Summer and Smog, Luzhu, Sou Shen Ji, Ma Qian! Ma Qian!, When smart meets Hanhan, A Pipe Dream, Dream Walker, Lady Julie, The Chinese Class, Jujube Tree; Dance drama: Eighteen Springs, Opera Troupes From Anhui Province, Fusheng; Musical: The Invisible, The Crazy KTV, West Side Story, and others. In addition, he also works on the lighting design of Newsrooms for many television stations, such as Heilongjiang TV station, Qinghai TV station, Hangzhou TV station, Suzhou TV station, Nanjing TV station, Chengdu TV station, and many more.

HU Wanfeng

Hu Wanfeng is the Stage Design Department’s professor, doctor and advisor. As well as being the Director of the Costume Design teaching and Research section and Director of the Puppet Show Art Research Center Hu Wanfeng applies his expertise to researching character modeling and puppet modeling. He teaches both graduates and undergraduates in the arts of costume design for drama, film, and television, puppet show art design and technical expression. Director of the textbook compilation of the teaching and research section, he has also contributed to the research project of Chinese Zodiac of the Contemporary Puppet Art in The Central Academy of Drama. He has won ‘Development stage art education fund’ and Demonstration course ‘excellent course award’ several times. He has published dozens of papers, and been involved in dozens of production in which his knowledge of drama design has been implemented.

JI Qiao

Expert of Stage Design Committee
JI Qiao is the National Tier I Stage Art Designer of China, Vice chairman of China Stage Art Academy, Honorary Chairman of Guangdong Province Stage Art Research Institution, and Director of Ji Qiao Stage Art Studio of Guangdong Province Art Research Institution. He has won the China Opera Cultural Award the “Golden Line Award of Stage Art” for drama 2004-2007, and a Contribution Award for Xiqu in 2011. Ji also received the national level award from Ministry of Culture.
His representative works include Green Balcony, Xiguan Women, Sunbelt, and My Strait of Magellan, etc.


Born in Montreal in 1974, Saso KALAN moved to Ljubljana in the mid-1980s. In 1993 his desire for a first-rate musical education took him to Vienna, where he graduated in sound engineering. He currently lives and works in Ljubljana where in 2005 he established Sonolab, within which he works and creates his music as a free-lance artist. His compositions serve as a platform for crossbreeding classic instrumental improvisation with the capabilities of computer production, in order to explore new possibilities for the free flow of musical energies and ideas. His latest works are contemporary orchestral compositions for ballet choreographies and theatre plays, modern dance performances, sound design for film, sound installations, and sound-poetic co-authorial works. Kalan designed the sound installation for the Slovenian pavilion at the Architectural Biennale in Venice, 2010, wrote the music for a ballet production of the National Opera & Ballet, Ljubljana, as well as for the Prague Quadriennal of Performance Design and Space in 2015.


Jin Ho KANG, originally from South Korea, has been employed as a wig and make-up technician by the Royal Ballet Company, London, for the last 9 years. During this time, he has worked extensively on numerous Ballet productions in their repertoire, both classical and contemporary, and is chiefly responsible for the principal male dancers and character actors. Recent work includes the make-up for the principal character in the production of Frankenstein, which premiered in London in May 2016. Prior to his work at the Royal Ballet, he worked in numerous West End Productions, including Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Sound of Music’.


Irina KRUZHILINA is a New York-based costume designer for the performing arts. Her work has been shown all over the world, from the Brooklyn Academy of Music to the National Theatre in Prague, and from Avery Fisher Hall to the Barbican Centre in London. Ms. Kruzhilina designed costumes for dozens of theatre, dance, opera, and puppetry performances, including with Doug Fitch, Lars Jan, Mabou Mines, David Chambers, Ruth Margraff, Else-Marie Lauvik, DNA works, and SCRAP performance group. Her work has appeared at the Philadelphia Live Arts, Spoleto Fringe, and Toronto Nuit Blanche festivals. Recent productions include the underwater performance Holoscenes for Early Morning Opera at Art Basel, a new nighttime spectacular 'Rivers Of Light’ at the Disney Animal Kingdom, and 'Orphic Moments' at the National Sawdust in Brooklyn, New York. A native of Moscow, Russia, Ms. Kruzhilina is dedicated to connecting Western and Eastern European theatre through international collaborations. As an educator, Ms. Kruzhilina developed the "Inside-Out" design method that she teaches at institutions throughout the world. She is a member of the International Theatre Institute and a Chashama resident.

LI Bin

Born in August 1959 in Beijing, LI Bin graduated from the Stage Art Department of the Central Academy of Drama. He works as a Director of the Stage Art Production Center of the Central Opera House, as well as being a member of the Chinese Theatre Association, and a national level stage art designer. LI Bin’s stage works includes more than 70 operas, and more than 30 ballets, dramas, musicals, Xiqu and so on, some of which won the state-level awards. LI Bin has rich experience in design, production and management of the stage arts.

LI Rayding

Chief Creator
LI Rayding graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy majoring in Costume Design and Character Modelling, and he taught there for 3 years afterwards. He then further studied Costume Design at Musashino Art University in Tokyo, Japan, and worked as a costume designer for the PARCO Company under the SEIBU Group in Japan. He is currently Chief Creator and Artistic Director at R.A DESIGN COMPANY LTD. in Shanghai. In 2008, he worked with the Oscar-Award winning costume designer Ishioka Eikoas, as one of the two chief costume designers for the Beijing Olympic Opening & Closing Ceremonies. In 2010, he was also chief costume designer for the Shanghai 2010 World Expo Opening Ceremony. Over three decades Li Rayding has designed and supervised costume production and Character Modelling for over 250 projects, winning numerous national-level awards.

LI Wei

Chief Creator
Professor and Dean of the Stage Art Department of National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, stage designer.
Mr. LI has devoted himself to stage design since 1991 and his works have won lots of awards such as the Wen Hua Stage Art Awards issued by the Ministry of Culture, Excellent Project Awards of State Stagecraft and the Excellent Stage Design Award of the Peking Opera Festival. In 2012, he was recognized as, and received an award for being, the Outstanding Teacher of Beijing. The representative stage design works of him are the Peking Operas Du Shiniang, Jin Opera Ding Guoxian, Zang Opera Wen Cheng Princess, Ethnic Group Yi Opera Cuo Taiji, and Peking Opera Madam An Guo. He has published lots of academic papers on stage design which have been released both at home and abroad. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the Education Research of Chinese Xiqu Stage Design.

William LIOTTA

William LIOTTA has served over the years in a variety of capacities, including lighting and sound designer, consultant, and as a project designer and developer, where he designed more than 100 productions both nationally and internationally. He has been teaching lighting and sound design at various universities in the US. He has done consulting and design work for Universal Studios Hollywood, Warner Brothers Pictures, the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles, as well as the Danny Kaye Playhouse and Fredrick Loewe theatre, in New York City. He has worked with the Bella Lewitsky Dance Company, the Martha Graham Dance Company, the Universal Ballet of Korea, and The Acting Company. His designs have been selected as part of the American contingent to the Prague Quadrennial, and individually to World Stage Design. He is the recipient of two Big Easy Awards for Best Lighting Design for New Orleans, and is a member of United Scenic Arts Local 829. He owns the patent on the “Gamchek” a lighting industry testing device marketed and sold by GAM Products, Hollywood.

LIU Feng

LIU Feng, lecturer in the Stage Design Department of the Central Academy of Drama, attends as a participant of the advanced stage Technology & Management seminar and the Advanced Theatre Operations & Management seminar. He also serves as a committee member of the cultural industry occupation revision committee. In 2006, he graduated from the Stage Design Department of the Central Academy of Drama (Bachelor & Master’s Degree). He once served as vice captain of the Stage Design team in China’s Disabled People’s Performing Arts Troupe and as stage technical manager and coordinator of the Performing Arts in the Chinese National Centre. He once visited and studied in The Metropolitan Opera House, The Royal Opera House, The Drottningholm Theatre (Sweden), The Royal Opera House (Sweden) and Berlin opera Foundation (Advanced Theater Operations and Management Master’ seminar).
Liu Feng’s major stage works include Carmen, Der fliegende Holländer, Lohengrin, Cinderella, Tea: A mirror Of Soul and music and dance epic The Road To Rejuvenation.


Born in 1960 in Minsk, Zinovy Margolin graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts, and initially worked as head artist for the Youth Theatre of Belarus. Since 1998, has been working as head artist of the St. Petersburg Opera Theatre. He has also worked as a designer for Bolshoi Drama Theater in St. Petersburg, Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre, Opera Theatre of the Republic of Belarus, Vakhtangov Theatre, Rostov Musical Theatre, St. Petersburg Academic Ballet Theatre of Boris Eifman, Mariinsky Theatre and Bolshoi Theatre, Vienna State Opera, and Opera House Basel. His awards include: Silver medal of the international exhibition of scenography “Prague Quadrennial – 1995” and Golden Triga for a Chekhov exhibit together with a team of Russian stage designers in 2007; he is also four-time winner of the most prestigious Golden Soffit Award of St. Petersburg, and four-time winner of the Golden Mask National Theatre Award.


Alain Ortiz originally graduated as an architecture student. His passion for the theatre brought him to work for eight years as an actor in an experimental theatre company in his home city of Santa Clara. Following this, he moved to Havana in order to further his career in acting. However, he eventually transitioned into a successful stage designer, where he still plies his trade to this day. Making his visions and imaginings become a reality in adverse conditions is the challenge he faces every time he starts a new project. His conference - Manipulating dreams, designing the stage with a low budget - will show the creativity and audacity needed to create from scratch.


Alona Pikalova graduated from the Scenography department of the Russian Academy of Theatre Art in 1997. She was assistant to the head stage artist (Mr. Sergei Barkhin) at the Bolshoi Theatre, and in 2000 she herself was appointed Head of Studio Art for the Bolshoi. In addition to all this, she worked for other stages as a set designer, including the Stanislavsky Opera and Ballet Theatre, Saratov Academy Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Staatsballett on stage Deutsche Opera (Berlin), Ekaterinburg Academy Theatre of Opera and Ballet, and the Perm Academy Theatre of Opera and Ballet, among others.

QI Zhirui

Associate professor of art, and an active stage designer, QI Zhirui graduated from the Stage Design Department of The Central Academy of Drama and has been teaching at the school since 1989.
Main works:
The set designer of Celebration of Spring Festival, the style of the design and set were widely praised by the stage design group,and the academy held a special academic seminar in its honour. Qi Zhirui’s Exhibition of Stage Characters was held at the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University. His Quick Sketch was published by China Culture Art Publishing House. And he was invited to be the stage designer of the Japanese drama Red Cloak, the general architectural planner and designer of The Marriage of Flowers in the Mirror of CCTV’s film and television base. He was inducted into the Encyclopedia of Chinese Stage Designers in 1997, and has since transferred into the Faculty of Art at the China University of Political Science and Law.

SUN Daqing

Professor, doctoral supervisor, and Assistant to the Dean of Central Academy of Drama, the President of Stage Character Design Teaching Alliance of academies in Beijing, Vice Chairman of China Stage Arts Association and Board Member of the magazine Drama.
SUN Daqing has been a stage design teacher and concerned with academic research and artistic practice for a long time. In the last twenty years, he has acted as the stage art designer for multiple dramas, musical dramas, operas, dances, and puppet shows, etc.. His work has led to him receiving many important domestic Professional Awards such as the China Opera Cultural Award “Golden Line Award of Stage Art” for drama, the “Innovation Award” given by the Ministry of Culture, and the “Academy Award” given by the China Central Stage Arts Association. His stage art works have been enrolled in international and domestic authority albums such as World Stage Art 1990-2005. He has contributed writings to many professional journals and publications.

SUN Zhaowei

Professor at the Stage Design Department of Central Academy of Drama. Sun Zhaowei graduated from the School of Automation, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in 2012, and received a doctorate in engineering, the same year he went to teach at the stage design department. Sun Zhaowei is mainly engaged in the teaching of stage technology and performance machinery, which focusses on bionic mechanical props and physical effects and other related areas of research. The main productions he has participated in include the Northern Kunqu Opera Theater’s Fly take away Luding Bridge (the fourth edition), the original opera of National Center for the Performing Arts’ (NCPA) Visitors On the Icy Mountain, Romeo and Juliet, White Beer Plain, Into the Woods, Home, Three Sisters, Balcony, the Man Who Take the Box, Vasa Rilenznova and Chu Qiao, etc.


Born in Jinan, Shandong in 1974, Wang Jin is a film & TV special effect designer, and also a stage multi-mediafilm designer. In 1994, He began to study ‘Oil Painting’ in the Department of Fine Arts at the Shandong University of Arts. He has created a lot of oil paintings, and has successfully held a Two Person Exhibition of Oil Painting —— Wang Jin and Zhao Qiang.
He has been working on Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Movie packaging and Project Planning since 1998, creating a great deal of visual media works.
In 2004, Wang Jin began to study ‘film &TV special effects’ in Department of Fine Arts at the Beijing Film Academy. Meanwhile he did film special effects including storyboard design, background design and post-production etc. He took part in the film production for The Qiao's Family Compound, Going East to Native Land, the Ming Dynasty 1566, and My Dream, among others.
Since 2007, Wang Jin has worked as a teacher in the Central Academy of Drama. He has devoted himself to multi-media image design & production for many stage shows and performances such as Potential Expenditure, Abby King, Zeami, Yellow Crane Tower, Balcony, and Fragrant Spirit, etc.

WANG Xiaopo

Wang Xiaopo is a technical director and stage designer. Born in 1980, he studied drama, stage design and theatre technology in the State University of New York and Wayne State University under the supervision of Lazar Kaushansky, a famous designer from the former Soviet Union. As the director of production and technology, Wang has participated in many projects including musical dramas The Lion King and Frozen Sing-Along at Shanghai Disneyland, The Han Show, Legends of the Great Wall among others. In addition, he has acted as the tour technical manager of Einstein on the Beach, Kung Fu Panda and the technical advisor of Chinese Broadway tour music dramas. His work of stage designs include In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel performed at New World Stages, the new musical drama Zombie Wedding directed by Randal Myler (who was nominated for the Tony Award) and the musical drama Les Misérables which was nominated for the America New Hampshire Stage Design Award.

YIN Tianfu

Mr. YIN is a professor and stage lighting designer. He was born in Changchun, Jilin Province of China, in 1963. He is the Director of the Stage Art Department of STA (Shanghai Theater Academy), as well as acting as a Council Member for the Stage Art Academy of China and China Entertainment Equipment Association, Deputy Director of Lighting Design Committee, and Executive Director of Lamplight Specialised Committee. He was successively awarded the Outstanding Young Teacher of Shanghai, the Dawn Scholar of Shanghai (8th Session), the Golden Lion from the Chinese Drama Stage Art, the National Stage Art Exhibition Design award (2nd Session), First Prize of Excellent Teaching Results of Shanghai, Second Prize of National Level Excellent Teaching Results, Prominent Teacher of Shanghai from the Baosteel Educational Endowment, and Outstanding Literature and Art Talent by the Shanghai Literature and Art Talent Fund. The works he has participated in have been repeatedly praised and awarded by the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, and the Lamplight Design of Splendor Award issued by Ministry of Culture, Excellent Project Award of National Stage Art, Excellent Prize of China Art Festival and Award issued by China Opera Association, have all been bestowed upon him to mark his endeavours.

ZHANG Hongchen

ZHANG Hongchen (born 1969), is a professor in the Central Academy of Drama Department of Stage Art, and a member of Chinese Artists Association. Major exhibitions he has contributed to include: The Eleventh National Art Exhibition, The Twelfth National Art Exhibition, The Fourth National Youth Art Exhibition, The character of painting - Chinese oil painting exhibition, The third Art China - National Exhibition (Excellence Award), The spirit of the times - The National oil painting Exhibition (Excellence Award), Fusion and Creation - Chinese oil painting master academical invitational Exhibition, Nature and Human - The second contemporary Chinese landscape painting scenery and oil painting exhibition, The second Western Feeling - National Landscape Exhibition (excellent award).
Major scenic painting to be used in plays by Zhang Hongchen include:Modern drama Xiaojing Hutong, Modern drama A Midsummer Night's Dream,Opera The Lady of the Camellias, Ballet The Moon Over a Fountain, Modern drama The Marriage of Figaro, Ballet Dunhuang,My.Dreamland, Modern drama Happy End, etc.


Associate professor at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts and stage designer.
Born in 1974, he studied at the Central Academy of Drama in 1994 and received a master's degree in 2002. He has been long-term presence in Chinese contemporary drama stage art creation, has more than 100works to his name, each identifiable by his very personal style. Several of his papers were published in core journals and he published the book Guiding vision in 2013. He was the 2016 Wuzhen nine exhibition curator, 2016 Shenzhen drama Biennale curator, and the 2016 Beijing Youth Drama Festival equipment exhibition curator. He has won several national theatre awards: Wenhua Award, Five Best Ones Projects Award, Quality Engineering Award and Wenhua stage art individual Award.

ZHOU Lixin

Professor, vice-president of College for Creative Studie at the Beijing Dance Academy and the director of the Arts Design Department. Graduated from the Central Academy of Drama, Stage Design Department in 1993. He visited Russian State Institution of Performing Arts, Ferrer Studio in 2005. The main winning entries by Zhou Lixin include:
Dance drama Red Sorghum
14th Wenhua Prize—Wenhua Grand Prize award in 2013, Five-one Project Prize in 2014.
Large scale dance drama Mermaid
Classic Dance Dramas of China in the 20th Century Award.
Dance drama Hui Combo
Five-one Project Prize in 2011, selected by National Excellent Stage Project in 2011.
Dance drama The East Chamber
National Stage Art Invitational Exhibition—Excellent Work Award
Song and dance Poetry Original Color
4th Session of the National Ethnic Theatrical Festival—Stage Design Award
Dance drama Field
“5th Lotus Award”, the literature competitions of Celebration of the 55th Anniversary of The New China—Excellent Work Award
Dance drama Zhouyuan Woman
Shanxi Province Art Festival— Excellent Drama Award in 2014.
Dance drama Norma Way
Yunnan Province Art Festival—Gold Award of Drama and Stage Design Award in 2014.