Stage Art Department of Central Academy of Drama

The Stage Art Department mainly specialises in training drama, film, and TV stage design. The students of stage art require excellent sensibility in the fine arts, knowledgeable appreciation of existing works, and a strong basic grounding in the arts.

A stage art major must train seven kinds of specialised personnel in matte painting, stage design, light design, costume design, makeup, stage technique, and image design for the performing arts, in stage plays, film, television, and other fine art departments. Every profession has already formed indicative professional core subjects, professional technique subjects, and professional history courses as the mainstays of the course’s structure. The school provides different levels of teaching for undergraduates and graduates, and the school encourages students to conduct realistic practice, and to accumulate real-life experience, so as to become practical elites.

The whole faculty team of the stage art department is at the forefront of stage art education in the nation; the teaching group has extensive influence in stage art activity across the nation - most of them have studied abroad or been involved in international exchange training. The school of stage art graduates are full of talents, they are the vanguard of the stage design, and dominate the nation’s honours in the field.