1st iSTAN World Stage Art Summit 2016

On Oct. 26th, 2016, the Opening Ceremony of a series of activities of iSTAN Summit was held in CAD. Tobias Biancone, Director General of International Theatre Institute of UNESCO, President of International Stage Art Network iSTAN hosted the opening ceremony. Mohammed Al Afkham, Chairman of ITI and Xu Xiang, Headmaster of CAD had delivered speeches in the opening ceremony. Nearly one hundred stage artists and drama specialists from seventeen countries all around the world attended this activity.

Mr. Xu Xiang, President of the Central Academy of Drama, Beijing

Mr. Tobias Biancone, General Director ITI, President of iSTAN

From Oct. 28th to 30th, there were twelve brilliant keynote speeches in CAD given by the specialists from iSTAN. The themes of the academic forum and workshop are stage design, tableaux reflection, makeup design, custom design, theater technology, lighting design, multi-media design and world cultural heritage.

Makeup Workshop, led by Jin Ho Kang

Students asking questions to the Swiss Artist Claude Sandoz, workshop leader.

In order to manifest the important role of stage art in performing art, iSTAN had awarded Gunilla Palmstierma-Weiss “iSTAN Lifetime Achievement Award”--the most important award in Chinese drama. Lafolie Mathias, Cultural Counsellor of Sweden accepted the award on his behalf, and Mohammed Al Afkham, Chairman of ITI had awarded him. Xu Xiang, Headmaster of CAD had accepted the books given by prize-winners on behalf of the academy.

The President and Vice-President of iSTAN on the red carpet: Mr. Tobias Biancone and Mr. Zhang Quingshan.

On Oct. 29th, stage artists from various countries all over the world had all walked through the ceremony carpet of the “Sixth International Drama Academy Award”. With the flow of moonlight shadow and floating smoke, the moon had shone silver and mellow sheen. The large-scale installation art with several decameter diameters and nearly one hundred flue gas turbines was designed by Zhang Qingshan, which formed powerful visual impact in spot effects, and they realized the theme of “Drama without Border, Time Together across the Strait”.

The impressive atmosphere based on a genial idea were leaving the audience flabbergasted.

The 1st iSTAN World Stage Art Summit 2016 has come to a successful conclusion. Stage artists and drama specialists from China and all over the world, all speak highly of this summit. iSTAN will continue endeavouring constantly and exploring for the development of world stage arts as well as the education and the research for the stage arts.

Mathias Lafolie, cultural attaché of the Swedish Embassy in Beijing, presents a book by Gunilla Palmstierna-Weiss (awardee of the iSTAN Lifetime Achievement Award 2016) to Professor Xu Xiang, President of CAD