International Theatre Institute ITI

The International Theatre Institute ITI is the world´s largest organization for the performing arts. Its goals are artistic, educational, and humanistic. The activities of ITI encompass dance, drama, theatre, and music theatre in all its forms. ITI is a member organization, and has around 100 Centres and Cooperating Members all over the world. The main pillars of the organization are its Centres, its Committees (project groups that are active in a special field) and its headquarters. ITI was created on the initiative of UNESCO and performing arts experts in 1948. Some of the main joint activities of ITI and its affiliates are the biannually held ITI World Congress, the celebration of World Theatre Day on 27 March, the celebration of International Dance Day on 29 April, and the organization of the Theatre of Nations festivals. The International Theatre Institute has three main offices worldwide. The UNESCO office at UNESCO in Paris, the headquarters in Jing´an District, Shanghai, China, and the international office in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.

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