The Central Academy of Drama CAD

The Central Academy of Drama is the inaugural higher education of drama school; it’s directly under the authority of the ministry of education. It is the highest institution of Chinese dramatic arts learning. It acts as the headquarters of China's higher education theatre alliance, the headquarters of the Asian Theatre Education Research Centre ATEC, and the Secretariat of the World Drama School League. It is also the activity base for International Students Theatre Festival of Global Drama Institution Alliances.

There are two existing campuses of the central academy of drama. The Dongcheng campus is located at 39 Cotton Hutong, in Dongcheng District of Beijing and the Changping campus is located at 4 Hongfu Mid Road in Changning District of Beijing. The total area that the two campuses cover is about 230, 000 square meters, the new construction area is about 180,000 square meters.

The Central Academy of Drama possesses the only national level professional teaching team in performance specialty, the only characteristically national level professional construction field, the only national innovative experimental mode in musical drama training, and the only national experimental demonstration centre of drama, film and television teaching. The academy is where the Chinese drama art research association, the Chinese director of dramatist art committee association, the Chinese stage society, the Chinese centre of international stage organization, the China branch of theatre critics’ association professional committee, the musical association of the professional committee of teaching, and also the Chinese drama culture management synergy innovation centre are located.

The Central Academy of Drama adheres to the principle of realism aesthetics, which advocates that in order to successfully foster dramatic art talented elites for the country and even the world. Quite a number of academy graduates have already become famous Chinese and foreign artists, scholars, professors, and writers, who work towards the prosperity and development of drama, film, and TV. The academy has made outstanding contributions to its chosen fields.

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